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Carnasso is an Alien Poet, Author, Writer, Director, Sollicitor, Business Man, Painter, Musician, a multi cultural visionary dedicated to help those who strive to get a clearer picture of this world and how it works. His political views cannot be categorised under any specific mainstream line like “liberal”, “left”, “right”, etc. and he doesn’t reject any religious or non-religious spirituality. He is profoundly attached to everything that is pure and true. He finds solace in helping all living entities to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally, finding a common language and understand who they are and what their places in the Big Whole are.

Carnasso is hungry. He also has refined taste and demanding appreciation. You are welcome in his World ~ either as a fellow traveller or as a meal. Depending on your intrinsic assets ~ or lack of.



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