Taking down president Vladimir V. Putin in 2015

On a sunny Sunday after noon of April 2015 in Paris, I was watching a pre-recorded Fahreed Zacharia program  called GPS, very successful presenter and show, focused on hot topics with as much “objectivity” as humanly possible on a mainstream US channel.

We love Fahreed. This can sometimes be an irrational affection, since his positions are very obviously biased, but still, he has something about him that inspires trust at least in his good will. But sometimes he goes too far. In this particular session, there was a point where he was commenting on turkish president Erdogan who called the Pope Francis names and recalled his ambassador from Vatican, further to Pope Francis’ claim that the massacre of Armenians at the turn of last century was the first genocide in modern history. President Erdogan also took several steps that are difficult to justify even by CNN spin-doctors, like shutting down opposition media, or demanding tweets be taken down, or claiming that “social media are the major threat to Society”, and many more, the list is available on any Russian blog. Fahreed commented as he could, wondering “what (was) going on on this planet”, that our allies (Turkey is a NATO member since 1952, although never made it to be included in the E.U…) would take such undemocratic moves, “BUT”, he said, “Erdogan is no Putin, however”… meaning president Putin was much worse a tyran.

Now there are things you can say when you deeply hate someone, that you know aren’t true, but that help you, or so you think, make a point. Our friend Fahreed went on by enumerating a list of downright lies, undocumented except by similar second hand journalists sitting in their NYC flats. Namely he said Turkish president, contrary to “Putin”, didn’t “shoot his opponents” or “invade his neighbors”. This came as shock. How profoundly can you hate someone and their people, to say such prominent obvious lies? This triggered my interest to look into the motivations of people who want to take down president Vladimir Putin so desperately, and what makes them want to do so, ultimately, why do they hate Russia and Russians so much. fahreed accused president Putin of having the forgotten failed little unemployed Nemtsov actually “killed” on his order? This is not only preposterous , it is slander. He feels safe in accusing a law abiding and peaceful calm man like Vladimir Putin, he wouldn’t slander some histeric leader. Not very gentleman like. Now he also seems to ignore that the Ukrainian current government is ONLY holding in place because of the tremendous foreign support and the artificially entertained focus on alleged Russian aggression. Otherwise the beastly treatment fakely elected   Poroshenko gives his people, shooting at them, starving opposition, censoring media, stealing IMF funds, would NO WAY be tolerated by anyone. They are already being out of breath and soon be exposed. But then I doubt Fahreed will apologize or even remember his insulting statements, just like he “forgot” Malaysian flight MH370 now that it has been proven by inspectors it had been taken down “in altitude by 8 mm” i.e. by a plane (one of the Ukrainian fighters).

I couldn’t find  a satisfactory answer in the recent articles I found. Russians who feel the same as I felt are obviously way too emotional and cultural remote from the “western ways” to understand the basic underlying premises, nor to introspect in a lucid way, without going into hate speech themselves out of sheer despair when facing blatant untruth. However, I also realised that people who attack Putin or Russia aren’t necessarily aware they are haters, nor do they realise they may, just may, be misinformed or misled. So there are apparently four groups or “kinds” of people that would like to see president Putin put away, and Russia taken to pieces.

1/ The real bad asses. They are the guys or dolls who leave their comments on Facebook or under CNN or Fox articles. Usually rednecks and republicans, nostalgic of the good old days when Russians were “commies”, the arch enemy, no questions asked, and they simply want those “pigs blown away from the surface of this world for good”. There’s nothing one can really do with this category, unless one has several centuries and zillions of dollars to spend on education, or as an alternative give them the way to govern their own country and wait until they die out by themselves from food poisoning and mutual shooting.

2/ The educated bad asses. They are often republican as well, but you can find them anywhere where money is involved, like Ms Hillary Clinton who went as far as treating the generous, peace-loving Putin a… “hitler”. Which is pretty fierce, however he’s been a gentleman about it in the most civil manner. Now these guys and dolls, Hillary, Sara, McCain, all have an ideology that is stuck in the cold war times when communist leaders just came out of the deadliest conflict humanity had lived through so far. Russia had lost more than 70 million men, after the WWII conflict and the Stalin repression. America, on the other hand, lost less than a million men, at the end of the war, and not one single casualty on it’s own territory. So the paranoia was legitimate on one side, and understandable soon the other. But this second category of people also have interests, a part from their misdirected ideology. They mainly   need to find ways to control this scary huge territory, full of resources, technology, crafty workforce, that is Russia. They want to see it as weak militarily speaking as possible, at best they want it to be split into little pieces. Many “business men” from Europe or the middle east have similar objectives, as well as some emigrated Russians or their descendants rather, but these won’t go as far as selling their Country of origin so mainly unreliable. These guys have a say in how the information is treated, so they will compromise with truthfulness, and show pictures of the Georgian war in 2008 to represent the conflict in the Ukraine without second thoughts. They can’t however have access to real russian tanks to make their photoshopping, so they rely on their Ukranian employees to provide abandoned tanks and set up arguably believable cliches.

3/ Educated middle class. Now this category is arguably a victim. How can one claim to be an investigative journalist, and still misrepresent facts as easily investigable as tanks crossing a border, or the president having the army shoot at his own people, or same president Poroshenko cutting gas, energy, pensions, supplies to the elderly civil population that wants independence? How can you be educated, and ignore the Westphalia treaties, or the Constitution of America, who state that the Supreme authority is “The People who live on their land”? And still talk about “annexations”? How can you ignore facts like the snipers, who have been proven to be the shooters on Maidan, and that the whole government take over had been planned? Now in some countries, like Turkey, or France, the web 3.0 is a real threat but not to “society”, rather to the guys who got elected through devious machinations, and are being exposed by the public. This never happened in the history of Democracy. The usual tools, like rhetoric, manipulation, public lies, unverifiable assertions, are all inoperative. So the two presidents are quite desperate. They don’t have a well prepared “public” like in the fresh America. But it’s not a good idea to slander their rivals who benefit from a huge natural, public, support since they just make themselves less credible thus doing. The only argument in defense of this category of “anti-Putin” and Russia haters I can see, is that the vast majority is simply misinformed. They think “well, all the media is saying that Putin invaded Crimea, or Ukraine, so there MUST be SOME truth in that; besides, I’ve listened to shows where Russians spoke as well”! Unfortunately, there IS an information war going on, and it is sufficient to have one of the six global media agencies who will set the tone, for it to be taken after like in a sing along. The rest is done by the decades of preparation, so the spectators won’t bother to question some things that already have answers in their minds. The subtle keys that are used by trained “journalists” (the only justification of this as a profession, in these years of free access to information) help direct people’s minds towards the “right” way of processing information and forging an “opinion”. One of them is never calling president Putin by his title, “President”, but rather only by his last name or first and last names, as if he already was “out” or didn’t have legitimacy. This rather silly rhetoric trick is working very well, but it’s also an insult to Democracy, and a sign of how authentic the person speaking is in his or her intentions.

4/ Which takes us to the 4th category of “anti-Putin” – The hungry Russians themselves! Although a majority of people (not only Russians, any nationality that took the time to think AND get information) do support president Vladimir Putin, there are also people who think that they will somehow benefit if they “oppose” him. They hear that “the West” has billionaires like Mccain or Soros who will pay any amount to have one of the “color revolutions” do away with the man who holds the country together, and the think they will get a piece of the cake. They are of course wrong for 99% of them, like all the slaves of darkness, once their dark lord will have his way, he will simply dismiss the vast majority of his servants, and his direct assistants in the first place: too dangerous! A traitor to his/her country can easily be a traitor to his temporary master! So these guys and dolls are very misled as well, and are indeed the true victims of that anti-patin propaganda. So sad, but I have no compassion, sorry.

Now about the title ~ I know. Well, it was a little trick ! Haha. I just learnt it from a french online magazine: “L’Obs”. Socialist of course. They titled something impressive, and then the content was pretty much next to nothing, no information. At least I did give you some insight in this article, and some information as well!

For all you ultimately need to know ~ is that unless you physically remove president Putin or if he decides to retire, there is no way “take him down”, not now, not in a decade. The reason is that he doesn’t really have a strategy: he simply loves his country, wants what is best for it, and the people know it.

Have a nice week!


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