The Ukraine spins like a record Baby round and round !

you spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby right ’round!

Remember that tune from the nineties, by Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns? Well that’s pretty much what Washington’s and Brussels’ Spin Doctors are doing to the Ukraine Situation. They “spin” the story in such a way, that whoever reads their “facts” can only grab a gun and run to Kiev in order to defend the Free World against evil invasive dictatorial Russians. But then, when you see what happened to the once cute singer, you may want to reconsider and moderate your enthusiasm. Too much spinning makes you loose your marks and eventually drives you crazy and ugly.

I was surprised to be unable to find any English speaking media broadcasting accurate facts without an opinion attached, even less was I able to find any article with a different point of view on the issue than the official one, provided by John Kerry, F. Hollande and van Rompuy. There seems to even be a ban on blogs, if I went further in my investigations, which is scary for Democracy as the Founding Fathers meant it, had they had such a formidable tool like internet.

Now it’s fascinating to see how since Friday March seventh, all the “western” media, suddenly merged in a monolithic united block just like in the darkest days of the Cold War, as if under pressure from the Big Three’s group stakeholders and individual fear for their carriers. This was triggered by the declaration from local parliament and officials in Crimea, who want to join Russian Federation again and separate from the new government that forcefully took over the State. Some journalists, loosing their minds, even speak utter nonsense like “a referendum would be illegal because it would be unconstitutional”, as if they wanted to “change the people, since they couldn’t let the People change their government”.

The Constitution is only valid if the People validated it’s content, NOT if a group of thugs with external support from overseas takes over the building in which the rulers sit! This kind of moronic speech only occurs when the guys who tried their Coup are agonizing and their last gasps reach out for anything, just anything, that they think could help them restore the fragile position they just occupied.

Some people are confused because the facts presented by same journalists are all but remotely accurate. But trying to persist in troubling waters is in the long run undefinable and dangerous, as the poor handling of the whole situation for the last 40 years proved to be. The Ukraine, or “border of the Empire”, never was a country like others, and never had a separate culture from Russia, being the birthplace of Russian Empire. Kiev was the Capital of Russia way before Moscow, and Crimea was only an administrative unit, artificially attached by Russian President Krutchev in 1952 to another administrative unit, the ukraine, or borders. It used to be an adjective, beRing “the” as article in English translations until the 21st century, when the USSR was thought to have collapsed and witches were dancing on its ashes or so they thought. What the western administration thought to have had an easy victory on Russia by taking away Ukraine, they didn’t realize that it wasn’t at ALL the same thing as Georgia or any other for that matter. Ignorance can bear unexpected disagreeable long term consequences. Russians are Ukrainians, and vice versa, not some tribes like tchetchnians, easily driveable into confused separationism. They will never separate from Russia.

There is no way whatever spin doctor can spin his brains out to divide Russia, The Ukraine and Crimea. Even if Mr Obama and van Rompuy provoked a world war trying to get the piece of cake represented by the Ukraine into their custody, eventually it will turn against them. And it will not be another Kosovo.
It will be much worse.
Some people never learn.

Instead, they should offer Russia to have the Ukraine become the Free Trade Zone like Kaliningrad it should’ve been in the fifties. Everybody would be victorious, and beneficial for all such a status would respect International Law. Unlike what the thugs are doing in Kiev now, thinking they’re talking to a blind world like in the seventies.

The dream of the seventies came true: thanks to internet, the People can access a true democratically informed society. Journalistic opinion is dead. Sorry.


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