This is a re-post from a comment left on Public websites under the signature of a respectable Soldier and Hero of WW II Gérard Luçon eh bien écrivez à Poutine,!!! Moi le 4 mai j’ai envoyé ceci : Orléans, le 4 Mai 2015De Gérard LuçonCitoyen françaisAncien directeur au Ministère français de la JusticeFils et petit-fils de […]

On a sunny Sunday after noon of April 2015 in Paris, I was watching a pre-recorded Fahreed Zacharia program  called GPS, very successful presenter and show, focused on hot topics with as much “objectivity” as humanly possible on a mainstream US channel. We love Fahreed. This can sometimes be an irrational affection, since his positions […]

you spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby right ’round! Remember that tune from the nineties, by Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns? Well that’s pretty much what Washington’s and Brussels’ Spin Doctors are doing to the Ukraine Situation. They “spin” the story in such a way, that whoever reads their “facts” […]